AUT Querstromzerspaner mobil

Mobile Cross Flow Shredder

Flexibility at its best

We like to consider our mobile Cross Flow Shredder to be the Swiss Army Knife among the shredding equipment currently available on the market: It supports you wherever you need it and gets the results you require. The machine’s equipment, handling and shredding efficiency are identical to its stationary counterpart, the WINCON Cross Flow Shredder, but they are complemented by an incredibly high flexibility in terms of location and varying amounts of input. Due to its suspension point for hook lift vehicles, reinforced rollers and its design based on standard dimensions and weight of freight and rubbish containers, the mobile Cross Flow Shredder further promises a hassle-free and quick change of operating site.


The technology at a glance:

  • Input via vibrating chute
  • Material transport via a belt conveyor below CFS
  • Material discharge via a foldable belt conveyor
  • Metal separation by means of overbelt magnet
  • Suspension point for hook lift
  • single-stage continuous shredding process and material disintegration
  • use of one or more flexible standardised beating tools
  • no cutting unit, no expensive cutting tools
  • different discharge methods, adjustable in line with application:
    • discharge via discharge box
    • discharge via screens and discharge box for extraneous material
  • grit size can be determined by the shape and size of the holes in the screens
  • production of very fine grit sizes with a diameter <2 mm is possible
  • degree of disintegration and comminution can be regulated by adjusting the processing time
  • both continuous and batch operation are possible



Different types of material, as well as pre shredded material, with a maximum piece length of 500 mm, a maximum individual edge length of 500 mm and a maximum weight of 10 kg, such as:

  • mixed domestic and municipal solid waste
  • landfill waste
  • sludge
  • electronic scrap and discarded electronic appliances (WEEE)
    • consumer electronics
    • small household applience
  • mixed scrap, scrap metal, material composites (pre-shredded if necessary)
    • mixed material fractions containing non-ferrous metal
    • rejects from the paper production industry
    • old wood, bulky waste
    • industrial and commercial waste


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