The DIABOLO Cross Flow Shredder combines two shredding methods in one machine which makes it an expert in the field of shredding and breaking up material compounds. Thanks to its two-step principle, even the toughest objects and composite materials, such as glass fibre reinforced plastics can be treated effectively, generating material particles which are all of roughly the same size.


The technology at a glance:

  • single-stage shredding process and material disintegration
    • pre-shredding and granulating
  • use of several flexible standardised beating tools at the top and lower processing chamber
  • throughput and material size can be regulated by means of different individually alterable parameters
  • production of grit sizes with a minimal diameter of 10 mm possible
  • available in a gas-tight design (necessary for the processing of cooling units, toner cartridges, etc )
  • conical shape of the upper process chamber allows for an easy and optimal material supply


  • mixed toner and ink cartridges, refill bottles for toner, ink ribbons, etc
  • cooling units
    • refrigerators
    • freezers
    • combined appliances
    • air conditioning units
    • air conditioners
  • glass fibre reinforced plastics
    • rotor blades of wind energy plants
    • piping, etc)
  • mixed scrap, scrap metal, material composites
    • mixed material fractions containing non-ferrous metal
    • rejects from the paper production industry
    • old wood, bulky waste
    • industrial and commercial waste
    • rejects from the automotive industry


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