Cross Flow Shredder

WINCON Cross Flow Shredder

The WINCON Cross Flow Shredder enables the comminution/crushing of mixed waste and scrap down to different (depending on the smallest size the material can be physically broken down into) or defined grit sizes. No matter whether you prefer a coarse or fine grit size, by means of the intelligent discharge method you can choose the size the input material will be crushed down to. Further screening equipment used to classify output particles according to size will not be necessary. This also makes the WINCON Cross Flow Shredder the ideal machine fort he generation of energy carriers from mixed waste.


The technology at a glance:

  • single-stage continuous shredding process and material disintegration
  • use of one or more flexible standardised beating tools
  • no cutting unit, no expensive cutting tools
  • different discharge methods, adjustable in line with application:
    • discharge via discharge box
    • discharge via screens and discharge box for extraneous material
  • grit size can be determined by the shape and size of the screen perforation
  • production of very fine grit sizes with a diameter <2 mm is possible
  • degree of disintegration and comminution can be regulated by adjusting the processing time
  • continuous process, no batches


  • mixed domestic and municipal solid waste
  • landfill waste
  • sludge
  • electronic scrap and discarded electronic appliances (WEEE)
    • consumer electronics
    • printers, copying machines
    • household appliances
  • mixed scrap, scrap metal, material composites
    • mixed material fractions containing non-ferrous metal
    • rejects from the paper production industry
    • old wood, bulky waste
    • industrial and commercial waste
    • rejects from the automotive industry


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